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I created RateBasketballCoaches.com to provide a platform for players to provide feedback for their coaches. Often players find that they're not a great fit with their coach for various reasons. This review system enables players to find a coach who's style fits them and also allows coaches to improve by adjusting based on feedback.


Coaches' Brain introduces PlayWrite, software to draw basketball plays. PlayWrite is a desktop application for windows that allows coaches to draw basketball plays and export them to PDF. Coaches can save their plays to their documents and edit them later. Coaches may archive their opponents plays and reference them easily to achieve strategic dominance next time they face off. Furthermore, the software makes distributing copies to players through printing or PDF simple and easy.

Touch Screens Supported!

PlayWrite 1.3 is now available! PlayWrite 1.3 adds support for touch screen devices. Check out the updates page for more information.


Notice the multiple frames, full court and out of bounds options.

PlayWrite screenshot PlayWrite screenshot PlayWrite screenshot PlayWrite screenshot

Exports to PDF